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Your right to speak up as a student

Getting fired or suspended

Freedom of gathering

Freedom to organize trade unions and strikes

Support in finding a job

Getting married

Accessing public documents

Service delivery and advocacy through NGOs

Integration of disabled people into workforce

Proposing new laws through petition

Licensing Youth Centers

Waiting list for medical treatment

Discrimination in health care institutions

Your right to access higher education in Kosovo if you’ve lived abroad

Voting freely and privately

Discrimination at work

Adding elective courses to your curricula

Your right to be part of decision-making at school

Rights of people infected with HIV/AIDS

Bribes and referrals from public to private institutions

Appealing test scores or grade evaluations

Transferring to another school

Eligibility to vote

Discrimination or abuse at school

Working under the age of 18

Safety at work

Rights of volunteers

Advocating youth interests

Your right to get financial aid at public universities

Your right to appeal suspension from school

Getting divorced

Getting primary health care in your community

State protection from parental neglect and for minors without parents

Terminating unwanted pregnancy

Inheritance of property

Individual pension contributions

Spousal solidarity and property rights

Exploitation of children by family

Social assistance for low income families

Privacy of your health condition or treatment

Damage caused by medical treatment

Protection from defamation and insult


Protection from domestic violence

Demanding gender-sensitive budgeting


Seeking affirmative action

Gender discrimination in access to services

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