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Let’s say that you are a young person who wants to attend university, but you don’t see how you’d cover the costs. Legal provisions exist that can help you cover the cost of studying at public universities. More specifically, you are eligible to get financial aid that would reduce or eliminate the cost of registration as well as administrative or attendance fees at public universities, if you meet the following criteria:

a) your family receives social assistance or has no source of income

b) you are a war invalid

c) you lost one parent during the war

d) you have a disability

c) you are the third child in your family that is enrolled at university at the same time

Institutions / Process:

You can apply for financial assistance at your public university directly. The university will need to verify your eligibility first.

If you are getting social assistance, you need a certificate from your municipality’s Center for Social Work. If you have no sources of income, you need proof from the municipality’s Employment Office and the Department of Economy and Finance that no one in your family works or owns a business.

If you are a war invalid, you must submit one certificate from a doctor and one from the Association of War Invalids.

If you lost one of your parents in the war, you need to get a certificate from the municipal Civil Registration Office which confirms your status. You also need a birth certificate and proof from the Department of Economy and Finance that other family members do not own businesses.

Students with special needs need to get a certificate from a doctor which confirms their disability.

The list of students who are waved from fees should be announced before the semester registration. The Law on Higher Education obliges the Ministry of Education to take measures in order to guarantee that your right to these benefits has not been infringed upon.

These right are enshrined in the Law on Higher Education (Article 32 “Financial Support for Students”) and various provision in the Law on Status of Rights of Martyrs, Invalids, Veterans, KLA Members, Civilian Victims and their families. The more specific eligibility criteria and procedural dimensions are addressed in Administrative Instruction 24/2012 “On student categories for assistance and conditions for getting assistance”.


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