Your right to access higher education in Kosovo if you’ve lived abroad

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Let’s say that you’ve done your elementary and secondary schooling in a foreign country but want to go to university in Kosovo. The Law on Higher Education gives you the right to apply to one, but under certain conditions. You’d have to have completed at least 12 years of schooling and the degree that you earned would have to make you eligible to apply for university in the country where it was issued. So if you can go to university in the foreign country, you can go to university in Kosovo. The same goes if you would want to transfer or attend graduate level studies in Kosovo. You’d need to have your university diploma or transcripts verified.

The National Academic Recognition and Information Center (NARIC), which is part of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, is the authority that is responsible for recognizing the degree that you received abroad as being an equivalent of a “graduation certificate” (required to apply for university) or a university degree.

The application process is as follows. In the case of the high school diploma, you have to go in person at the NARIC office, pay a €20 fee, show a valid ID and the original copy of your diploma, and then submit the following documents: a completed application form, a verified copy of your original diploma, a verified copy of your transcript, and an authorized translation of both your diploma and transcript. You can download the application forms at this link:

In case you want to get your university degree recognized, you need the same documents listed above, only adding the diploma appendix (if applicable) and a translated abstract of your thesis (maximum three pages). NARIC might require other documents in special cases.

NARIC forwards your case to a Committee of Experts and its decision “cannot in any case be delayed for more than four months”. The Committee’s decision can be appealed to the Ministry of Education’s Committee for Appeals within 15 days after the decision.


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