Waiting list for medical treatment

  • Find it in the Law:
    Law on the Rights and Obligations of Citizens in Health
  • Who is responsible:
    Your medical institution
  • Who can help me:
    Health Inspectorate, Ministry of Health
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You need treatment at a medical facility but the latter has put you on a waiting list because it cannot accommodate you immediately? You should know that by law you can be put on a waiting list only if another health care institution cannot offer the same services and/or if you do not accept medical treatment by any other institution. The law also says that you cannot be put on the waiting list for a period that may endanger your life. In such cases the medical facility must either admit you ahead of line, refer you to another institution, or refer you to medical facilities outside of Kosovo.

The law states that health care institution should establish the order of the waiting list in accordance with health standards and professional criteria. It also obliges your medical institution to explain to you the reasons why you have been put on the waiting list, the expected time when the treatment can be offered and the possible consequences of the waiting time on your condition.  

The law on the rights and obligations of citizens in health states that the Health Inspectorate and other officialsof the Ministry of Health who are responsible to oversee the protection of these rights, are entitled to check waiting lists on the basis of citizen’s written authorizations. So if you feel that you’ve been not treated fairly with regard to waiting times, or that you have not been informed properly about your waiting time, alert the Health Inspectorate and the Ministry of Health.


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