Support in finding a job

  • Find it in the Law:
    Law for Registration and Records of the Unemployed and Jobseekers (LAW 04-L083)
  • Who is responsible:
    You and your Municipal or Regional Employment Office
  • Who can help me:
    Regional Employment Offices, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare
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If you are of working age and can’t find a job, you have the right to register as an unemployed job-seeker in the municipality where you reside and get state support in finding one. Municipal Employment Offices, which are part of wider Regional Employment Offices, are by law obliged to register you in their database and provide various forms of assistance free of charge. These offices can offer professional employment counseling and career guidance, information on available job opportunities, preparation and mediation for employment, support for self-employment, information on training opportunities, orissue a confirmation on your unemployment status if you are eligible for social assistance. Together with the staff from these employment offices, you can develop an individual plan for employment and take part in active labour market measures such as internship schemes, on-the-job trainings or subsidized placements which could lead to longer-term employment.

It is ultimately your responsibility to actively seek employment and register at the municipal EO whereas the latter is legally obliged to support you in this direction. All you need to do is bring a valid ID as well as evidence of your educational qualifications and trainings completed, and you can receive an unemployment card. You will receive support as long as you also live up to certain obligations: namely, you are able to certify an individual employment plan that is developed together with the EO; reach out to available employers who might be interested in you and not reject available jobs; accept trainings or active employment measures that are provided, etc. You should contact the Employment Office at least once every three months and if you do not contact it at least twice a year, you will be removed from the unemployed job-seekers registry.

The Municipal Employment Offices are part of broader Regional Employment Offices and the latter are supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. If you are denied your rights as an unemployed job-seeker and not provided with any of the services you are entitled to at the municipal level, you might want to file an appeal towards the Regional Employment Office or the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.


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