Gender discrimination in access to services

  • Find it in the Law:
    Law on Gender Equality
  • Who is responsible:
    Public and private providers of services and goods are responsible to go about their work without discriminating based on gender. They should have policies and internal regulations in place that prohibit discriminatory behavior.
  • Who can help me:
    In case you face gender-based discrimination in access to goods and services, you might want to complain to the higher authorities with the service provider. For example, in a large private company you could call or write to customer service. However, you also might have a legal basis to file a lawsuit or present a case to the Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo.

Let’s say you are a woman and you are denied services because of your gender because, for example, it might be culturally unacceptable for your gender to get that kind of service. You should know that it is illegal for anyone providing any legal services or selling any legal goods to deny you access to those services and goods based on your gender. This is clearly said in Clause 19 of the Law on Gender Equality. The law notes that it applies to all persons providing goods and services, both public and private. This means that it applies equally to public institutions as much as it does to supermarkets, pharmacies, medical clinics, etc


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