Pension for permanently disabled children

  • Find it in the Law:
    Law on Pension Funds of KosovoLaw on Material Support to the Families of Children with Disabilities
  • Who is responsible:
    Center for Social Work, Employment Office
  • Who can help me:

You are under 18 and have a permanent disability, or you have a child with such a condition and are struggling with finances. You need to know that the Law on Material support to the Families of Children with Disabilities enables you to get financial support, which is currently set at 100 per month. The law says that the children who can benefit from this assistance are those who are basically prevented from doing things independently because of their condition, and would therefore need 24 hours support. This includes those who are completely blind, can’t move and can’t eat by themselves, can’t meet their physiological needs, etc. The condition would be determined by a special committee.

You or your family members need to apply at the closest Center for Social Work and submit all of the necessary paperwork. Your application will be reviewed by a specialist committee consisted of doctors and social workers. The Law obliges the committee to come up with a decision within 21 days from the day when you applied.

If the committee comes out with a negative decision, you have the right to an appeal and to request that the matter be addressed to the so-called second level committee. If that also fails, you can always address issues to a competent court.


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