Compensation for victims of crime

  • Find it in the Law:
    Law on crime victim compensation
  • Who is responsible:
    The Crime Victim Compensation Committee, appointed by the Government of Kosovo is responsible to review and decide on applications/requests for damage compensation. Requests for compensation are submitted to the Ministry of Justice.
  • Who can help me:
    The Ministry of Justice is responsible to provide general guidance and information on how to complete an application. In case you feel that the Crime Victim Compensation Committee has not taken a right decision, you can file a complaint at a competent court or address the matter to the Ombudsperson Institution.

Let’s say that you have been a victim of a crime. You should know that based on the Law on Crime Victim Compensation there are legal provisions in place that allow you to get compensation for the damage caused. You need to apply for such a compensation within a period of six months from the moment you were subjected to the criminal act. You may seek compensation for the following damages: serious physical injuries or impairments of health, serious disturbances to mental health; loss of capacity to work; medical and hospitalization expenses; funeral expenses; damages for destroyed medical devices or procedural expenses for filling an application. In order to be able to claim compensation, the damages need to be of a serious nature, such as injuries that last more than six weeks or with permanent and long-term consequences. You may be compensated with amounts ranging from 1500 EUR to 7000 EUR.


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