Disability pensions

  • Find it in the Law:
    : Law on Disability Pensions, Administrative Instruction 09/2003 (“On the procedures of filing a request for a disability pension”)
  • Who is responsible:
    Department of Pension Administration
  • Who can help me:
    Appeals Commission of the Department of Pension Administration, competent court
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You are older than 18 and might have a permanent disability which makes you incapable of working? You should know that the Law on Disability Pensions guarantees the right to a disability pension, which is currently set at 40 EUR. You need to apply for the pension at the Department of Pension Administration where a Medical Commission will verify your physical condition. You will not be eligible for a disability pension if you or are receiving other forms of social assistance.

You need to submit an application for disability pension at the Department of Pension Administration in your municipality/region. Check for information on where their officer are. You will be required to submit a set of documents verifying your personal identity and your medical condition. Your condition will then be verified by a Doctors Committee.

If you feel that you have not received a fair assessment of your condition and have been denied your disability pension, you can file an appeal with the Appeals Commission within the Department of Pension Administration. The appeal needs to be filed within 14 days from the day when you received your initial decision by the Department of Pension Administration. If you receive no response from the DPA, you can always address the matter at a competent court.


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