Prenatal and postnatal care

  • Find it in the Law:
    Law on Reproductive Health
  • Who is responsible:
    Your medical institution
  • Who can help me:
    Health inspectorate
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You’re pregnant or you’ve just given birth, but you don’t know what kind of rights you’re entitled to in the public health system. Usually, when you visit public health facilities, you have to pay the fee, known as a co-payment fee for the services that you receive. However, the Law on Reproductive Health states that all females are exempt from co-payment fee payment in public health institutions for the following services: counseling during the pregnancy, prenatal and postnatal services and examinations after the childbirth and baby care. In addition, the Article 31 of the Law also specifically states that access to sexual and reproductive health should be of the highest level for select social categories, including here teenagers and young people.

Your public health institution is legally obliged to provide you with the best possible treatment for any prenatal and postnatal services and to do so for free. If you are asked to pay for the services, you should know that this is not legal and should alert higher authorities in medical institution. You are also entitled to file a formal complaint within the institution if your rights to qualitative and free treatment are violated.

According to the Law on the Health Inspectorate, the liability of this Inspectorate is to oversee implementation of the entire legislation which concerns the Health Sector and at the same time is required from it to report to the Ministry of Health any breach of the Law, which accordingly can issue administrative or other fines to the medical institution.


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