Licensing Youth Centers

  • Find it in the Law:
    Law on the Empowerment and Participation of Youth, Administrative Instruction 11/2010 "On licensing youth centers"
  • Who is responsible:
    Municipal directorate for youth
  • Who can help me:
    Department of Youth, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Local Self Government
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You have a youth NGO which organizes various programs, has volunteers and a sizeable facility. You should know that according to the Law on the Empowerment and Participation of Youth, you could have your NGO licensed as a Youth Center and potentially get financial support from your municipality. Administrative Instruction 11/2010 issued by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports states that any organization that is youth oriented and is registered as an NGO may be eligible to be licensed as a Youth Center. Every municipality is by law obliged to provide financial support to at least one youth center, but it can support more if necessary. There are certain criteria required for licensing: the organization should have a facility at least 80m2, a good organizational structure and solid management team, a sizeable volunteer group, a detailed work plan, etc. The criteria are outlined in more detail in the Administrative Instruction.

You need to apply for licensing as a Youth Center at the municipal directorate responsible for youth issues. You should submit your certificate of registration as an NGO; statute; work plan and yearly program, a report on previous activities, a biography of management personnel, and your organizational structure.  The municipal department will then establish a commission that will review the application and issue a recommendation on whether the Youth Center should be licensed or not. The decision on the licensing is then made by the Mayor. The licensing period is based on the request made by the organization and by an estimation of its capacities. The Youth Center may receive funding but that is dependent on a budget allocation which should go through the Municipal Assembly.

The decision by the municipality on whether to license the Youth Center should be given in written form and the organization has the right to an appeal through an administrative procedure. An appeal can also be addressed to institutions that are responsible for monitoring the implementation of legislation related to youth (Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports) or in general the work of the municipalities (Ministry of Local Self Government).


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