Integration of disabled people into workforce

  • Find it in the Law:
    Administrative Instruction 16/2011 of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
  • Who is responsible:
    School in which you are applying in
  • Who can help me:
    Municipal Directorate of Education, Ministry of Education
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As an upper high school student, you have the right to change your school, even if it has a different subject orientation from your previous school. This means, for example, that you can move from a general gymnasium to a technical school. You are eligible for such a change if you are moving from another city/village or country, but also if you can document other legitimate reasons for having left your previous school, such as physical disabilities.

Initially you have to address a transfer request to the school you want to be enrolled. This should be done prior to end of a semester. You have to submit a range of documents: school records (certificates, grades), verifications of such certificates (ex. Validation of degrees by Ministry of Education if you are coming from abroad), a document which verifies the reasons why you are changing schools, proof of residence, etc. Upon a favorable decision on your eligibility, you would be required to take a test for those subjects not covered in your previous school. The school director appoints a committee to administer the test.


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