Individual pension contributions

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    Law on Pension Funds of Kosovo Law No. 05/L-116 on Amending and supplementing of the Law No. 04/L-101 on Kosovo Pension Funds, amended and supplemented with the Law No. 04/L-115 and the Law No. 04/L-168
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    Your employer, Kosovo Pensions Savings
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You might be young and still in the first years of your employment, but it’s never too early to think about saving for your retirement and making sure that you have a pension account. You should know that, according to the Law on Pension Funds in Kosovo, you are entitled to three forms of pensions, for one of which you are personally responsible to contribute to individually. Despite a pension that is provided by the state for all citizens over the age of 65, the second pillar is an individual account which you should set up with the Kosovo Pensions Savings Trust. If you are working, your employer is obliged to file pension contributions for you. Your employer should contribute 5% of your monthly wage to your pension fund, whereas you yourself should also contribute 5%. In case you want to, you can add an additional 10% of your salary to go to your pension fund, reaching a total of 15% of your salary. Your pension savings goes to an individual account which is managed by the Kosovo Pensions Savings Trust. The money is invested to make sure that you get a return and that the amount increases. You will be eligible to start getting payments from this fund once you are 65 years old.

Discuss with your employer on making sure that you are paid pensions contributions by him/her. Check with the Kosovo Pensions Savings Trust in case you need any kind of assistance.


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