Eligibility to vote

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    Constitution of Kosovo, Law on General Elections in Kosovo Law on General Elections in the Republic of Kosovo The Law on Amending and Supplementing the Law on General Elections in the Republic of Kosovo
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    Central Elections Commission
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Do you want your voice to be heard by electing your preferred representatives in public institutions, but you are not sure whether you are included in the voters list? The Constitution of Kosovo states that you can vote if you are 18 years old on the day of the elections. You are eligible to vote if you hold Kosovo citizenship and are part of the civil registry from which the voters list is compiled.  So if you are 18 on the day of the elections, you should be able to go to the polling station and vote.

When the date of elections is set by the President of Kosovo, the Central Elections Commission publishes the voter list, which is taken from the civil registry of Kosovo. In short, every citizen of Kosovo who is 18 on the day of the elections should be part of the voter list. However, mistakes can be made and you should check whether your name is in the list either by going online in the website of the CEC or by visiting the premises of the municipal elections committees. If you find your name on the voters list, you can be sure that you can vote on elections day.

If you are an eligible voter but do not find your name in the voters list, you can submit a request to a first instance court. The court will have to review your request and should come out with a decision within five days. It has the power to direct the CEC to put your name on the voting list.


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