The right to free legal aid if you cannot afford to pay for a lawyer

  • Who is responsible:
    Agency for Free Legal Aid
  • Find it in the Law:
    Constitution of Kosovo and Law No. 04/L-017 on Free Legal Aid
  • Who can help me:
    1. Regional Offices; 2. The Mobile Offices for Free Legal Aid ; 3. Lawyers; 4. Non-governmental organizations in cases when they enter into partnership with the Agency

You have a legal problem but cannot afford to pay for a lawyer? The Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and the Law guarantee you the right to free legal aid.

Free Legal Aid in Kosovo is provided by the Agency for Free Legal Aid, which is an independent public institution providing free legal aid in civil, criminal, administrative and minor offence field for all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, regardless of their national origin or ethnicity, race, colour, language, religion or political affiliation, gender identity, sexual orientation, health status, disability, citizenship or place of residence.

Free legal aid means that you have the right to receive legal information and advice about court proceedings, drafting of submissions and representation before courts and other organs.

You can be a beneficiary of the free legal aid provided that you meet certain conditions:

  • You are a citizen residing in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, a person temporarily residing in the Republic of Kosovo, one of the other persons designated by law or international law obliging the Republic of Kosovo or one of the persons to whom legal aid is provided on the basis of the principle of reciprocity.
  • You do not have a material income or have a monthly income lower than the average salary in Kosovo, live on social assistance, or you are a retiree.
  • Your application is based upon evidence, has a real value and there is a prospect of success.

If you consider that you meet the aforementioned conditions, please contact the nearest office for free legal aid and submit your application. If your application is based on the applicable laws of the Republic of Kosovo, free legal aid office officials initiate the procedure and provide you with the free legal aid.

When applying for free legal aid, you must have with you your personal documents as well as the supporting documentation proving your financial situation and your social status.

Once you apply for free legal aid, the Free Legal Aid Office makes a decision to grant or refuse your application. The decision to grant or refuse the application is taken within 5 working days from the day of submission of the completed documentation.

If your application for free legal aid is denied, you are entitled to file a complaint, which has to be addressed to the Complaint Commission within 8 days from the day of receipt of the decision on the refusal of free legal aid.

Addresses of Regional Offices for Free Legal Aid
ROFLA Prishtina: Str. “Zenel Salihu” no.30; Tel. 038 200 18 944 / 038 200 18 941
ROFLA Prizren: Basic Prosecution Office Building; Tel. 029 230 554
ROFLA Pejë: Basic Prosecution Office Building; Tel. 039 423 698
ROFLA Mitrovicë: Social Welfare Center Building; Tel. 028 534 477
ROFLA Gjilan: Basic Prosecution Office Building; Tel. 0280 321 134
ROFLA Ferizaj: Basic Prosecution Office Building; Tel. 0290 323 406
ROFLA Prizren: Basic Prosecution Office Building; Prizren; Tel. 029 230 554
ROFLA Gjakovë: Str. “UÇK” no number, Culture Palace, Tel. 0390 320 270


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