Discrimination or abuse at school

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    Specific anti-discrimination and anti-abuse clauses for schools are outlined in the Law on Pre University Education and the Law on Higher Education in the Republic of Kosovo. Nonetheless, such issues are also given in the Constitution of Republic of Kosovo and other cross-cutting laws such as the Law on Anti-Discrimination
  • Who is responsible:
    Your school
  • Who can help me:
    Schools are obliged to protect students’ rights as well as to establish mechanisms through which complaints can be addressed.
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The legal framework of Kosovo protects you from discrimination on any grounds at school, either while attempting to be enrolled in the educational institutions or while attending them. Majority of laws, including the Constitution as well, clearly state that no person can be denied of the right to education and that there cannot be any discrimination in access and advancements, specifically outlining discrimination based on: gender, race, sexual orientation, physical disability, race, religion, political opinions, nationality, ethnicity, social identity, etc. The Law also obliges educational professionals to undertake all necessary measures to ensure that pupils are not hurt or exposed to offensive words or actions, and prohibits any kind of physical violence or other forms of abusive punitive measures.

Schools are obliged to ensure that the rights of pupils are upheld and also to provide mechanisms through which complaints can be addressed.

Complaints on violations of rights at schools are initially addressed to the municipal level, but second instance complaint (if needed) can be lodged with the Ministry of Education. Discrimination complaints can also be processed through the Ombudsperson Institution.


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