Appealing test scores or grade evaluations

  • Find it in the Law:
    Administrative Instruction 17/2013 on Exams and Evaluations of the Ministry of Education, Science and technology
  • Who is responsible:
    You and the institution that did the evaluation
  • Who can help me:
    Whichever institution that supervises the institution that did the evaluation
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Do you think that your school or university has made a mistake in assessing your knowledge and you have been incorrectly evaluated? There are legal provisions which allow you to challenge the evaluation of your work by educational institutions, whether it is a grade you got in the class or if it’s the state exam you did after finishing high school.

Educational institutions are legally obliged to assess your progress through grades and to do so fairly and without any discrimination. Similarly, the law obliges them to allow you to appeal. The complaint has to be addressed to the same institution which did the evaluation and it should be filed within three days after you’ve received notice of the evaluation. For example, if you are challenging a grade you got at school, then the school is by statute obliged to have mechanisms through which you can challenge the evaluation. If it is a state exam, then the appropriate address is the Ministry of Education since it administers the exam.

The Laws at effect do not specify any mechanisms or second-instance appeal through which you can lodge a complaint towards decisions of the first level. Nevertheless, if you feel strongly that you’ve been judged unfairly, then you could try and direct your case to the institution which supervises the evaluating institution at hand (ex. the Municipal Department of Education, if the complaint is about a grade received at school).


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