Advocating youth interests

  • Find it in the Law:
    Law on the Empowerment and Participation of the Youth Administrative Instruction 9/2010 ("Responsibilities and procedures for the establishment and functioning of Youth Action Councils in Kosovo")
  • Who is responsible:
    Municipalities, Department of Youth at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports
  • Who can help me:
    Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Ministry of Local Self Government
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You are involved in a youth organization, but wonder how you could channel your views and interests in a more coordinated way with governmental institutions? The Law on Youth Empowerment and Participation foresees that institutional channel for addressing youth interests, in the form of umbrella advocacy organizations, are youth action councils. There can be youth action councils for each municipality and one at national level. Both are obliged to ensure equal representation for all youth organizations.  The Administrative Instruction on the National Youth Action Council describes their mandates as being responsible for addressing youth concerns to public or private institutions; stating opinions and providing advice on actions related to youth; proposing legal documents; participating in policy-making; organizing a yearly youth conference; and taking part in and contributing to the drafting of the new budget allocation for the youth.

Depending on whether the youth action council is a municipal or national one, each of them should be recognized as an official representative by the municipality or the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports. If there is no municipal youth action council in your municipality, then you can gather a group of organizations to establish one. The youth action councils receive limited funding for assembly meetings, administrative costs as well as other activity costs.

If your municipality does not recognize your youth action council or fails to provide adequate support, then you can address your concerns to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports or the Ministry of Local Self Government.


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