Report a Violation

Fill in the details below if you want to report a right that was violated.

You are now able to submit a violation report using the Know Your Rights platform. Your report will be forwarded to the office of the Ombudsperson in Kosovo responsible to review your submission within 30 days.

The Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo (OIK) is an independent institution tasked with investigating violations of human rights and freedoms of Kosovo citizens by applicable legislation or by the actions of public institutions which exercise authority on behalf of citizens. OIK develops investigations, gives recommendations, publishes reports, and offers free legal aid and public advocacy for all Kosovo citizens. In those cases when the investigations of legal advisors confirm human rights violations, OIK may seek additional information from public authorities, make recommendations and publish reports. In special cases OIK may do this through the media. OIK does not review complaints against private persons (except in cases of discrimination); complaints against court decisions; against authorities outside of Kosovo, as well as those in which persons have not used other existing judicial means (ex. Courts). Even though OIK does investigate and monitor the judicial system in relation to the implementation of human rights standards, it is not a substitute for courts and cannot investigate crimes directly, change court decisions or take binding decisions.

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