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Know Your Rights is an online platform which provides youth friendly descriptions of rights that young people (aged 16-29) are entitled to by applicable legislation in Kosovo. It covers some of the main rights in the areas of: education, health, minority communities, employment, family, contact with the law, community engagement, social benefits and youth empowerment. The descriptions of the rights are accompanied by a mapping of the institutions that are responsible to uphold the rights, as well as those to which young people can address complaints if the rights are violated.

The platform also contains a section detailing the process of how to address complaints to the Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo (OIK) and provides an opportunity to file cases directly through the Know Your Rights platform. As the administrator of the platform, OIK guarantees the anonymity of the case filing process through the platform. Nevertheless, it waives any responsibility regarding case management after a complaint has been filed, as this is the sole legal responsibility of the OIK. Persons who file a complaint through the Know Your Rights platforms should receive an automated confirmation of receipt from OIK and should only contact the later if there any questions regarding the case.

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